Arena North

Arena North

Arena North is at the northern end of Grand National Boulevard. This precinct has 80 residential units plus the new Equini development, which consists of 136 units.
A site plan of Arena North is available – click on the plan on the right for an enlarged view.
On our map of Royal Ascot, Arena North is precinct no 20. » Royal Ascot map

Rules and other documents

Arena North

The Articles of Association (which is the constitution of Arena North) contains the conduct rules for Arena North.

» Click here to open Articles of Association
» Conduct Rules

Architectural Guidelines

Equini Lifestyle Centre

The following documents for Equini Lifestyle Centre is available here:
  » Management Rules
  » Conduct Rules
  » Sectional Plan
  » New Tenants

Colour Schemes

All units in Arena North must comply with the approved colour schemes, click here to open document with the colour schemes.

Managing Agent: Arena North only

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