Municipal Contact Details

Municipal Contact Details

Matters falling directly under the jurisdiction of the City of Cape Town are often reported to us, eg electricity faults, water leakages, traffic signals, traffic offences. Any problems or faults of this nature should be reported directly to the relevant City department and NOT to our Portfolio Manager. The reason why you should personally report problems or faults is that the relevant department often requires more information or specifics about the problem, our Portfolio Manager does not have such information. If an offence has been committed, the person reporting it may be asked for a sworn statement about the incident, again something our Portfolio Manager cannot provide. Contact details for various Municipal departments in Cape Town are provided below; you can also visit the City of Cape Town website (link on right) for more information.


All accounts enquiries, including electricity, water consumption, etc. 086 010 3089accounts@

Disaster Risk Management

Flooding, landslips, etc. All-hours number. 021 597 5000DisasterOperations.Centre


Fault reporting, including street lights. General enquiries. 080 022 0440
ESKOM serviced areas. 086 003 7566

Land Invasion

Squatter control. 080 022 5669
Metro Police 086 076 5423


Any complants or concerns regarding City operations can be directed to the Ombudsman. 021 400 5486/7

Property Management

Any issues regarding City properties in the Blaauwberg area; eg state of buildings, state of vacant municipal land. 021 938 8057

Refuse Removal at Royal Ascot

For problems or enquiries re municipal refuse removal at Royal Ascot, contact Mr van Rooy. 076 164 5452

Roads & Stormwater

All concerns about state of roads, potholes, flooding, traffic signs; and stormwater blockages, etc. 086 010 3054

Solid Waste

Weekly refuse removal at Royal Ascot:
Mr Van Rooy
076 164 5452
Refuse removal, area cleaning, illegal dumping, etc. 086 010 3089

Traffic Police

General contact number for reports and complaints. Also number for traffic signal faults. 086 076 5423

Water Services

Emergencies such as leaks & burst pipes. Complaints re water wastage, etc. 086 010 3054