Contact Details

Contact details for the Royal Ascot Master Property Owners Association are as follows:

Portfolio Manager at Rabie Property Administrators:

Zulfa Solomon Tel: 021 550 7000 Fax: 086 690 5707 Email: Zulfa Solomon
4th Floor, Annex, 2 Energy Lane, Bridgeways Precinct, Century City 7441


Property Sales, Purchases and Rentals

The Portfolio Manager or this website has NO information about property sales, purchases and rentals in Royal Ascot. We also do NOT have information about tenants.
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Please note that RAMPOA, Home Owners Associations, Body Corporates and the Portfolio Manager do NOT have information about property sales, rentals, ownership of units, or details about residents.
The respective Managing Agents for residential precincts have contact details for the owners of units, but no information about tenants. Go to the Residential page for the contact details for Managing Agents.

Municipal Complaints, Problems and Enquiries.

Check the Municipal Contacts page for details about enquiries for municipal matters.
Contact for submissions to Website: