Table Bay Nature Reserve

Milnerton Racecourse Section


The Milnerton Racecourse Section of the Table Bay Nature Reserve (TBNR: MR) is situated to the east of the residential development known as Royal Ascot in Milnerton. To the east of Milnerton Racecourse are the Gold Circle stables and horse training facilities, and beyond this the semi-industrial area of Montague Gardens. MilnertonCA-01
Milnerton Racecourse is approximately 17.6ha in size and is divided into two portions, a northern area and a larger southern area. The two areas are physically separated – in the past by the horse racing track, and today by residential development. Historically, this now remnant natural veld would have been connected to the Rietvlei wetland complex.
Aerial photo (2005) showing northern (top right) and southern (center of pic) conservation areas.
The TBNR:MR is one of the most important conservation areas in the Western Cape – find out more about it:
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The TBNR:MR has a site manager responsible for the management of the nature reserve; the site manager reports to the Biodiversity Area Manager at the Table Bay Nature Reserve. The site manager, Landi Louw, will be based at the offices of the Table Bay Nature Reserve at Rietvlei – she can be contacted at
Read more about the management of the Milnerton Racecourse Section of the Table Bay Nature Reserve on the Management page.
Information about the TBNR:MR is sourced from a poster authored by Jeremy Keyser and Mandy Noffke of Planning in Balance (now Wetland Solutions) and presented at the Fynbos Forum 2007; additional information by Niel van Wyk. All pictures of fauna and flora on these pages were taken in the Milnerton Racecourse Nature Reserve by Jeremy Keyser.