Well folks, it appears that the long wait is finally over., at least for most of us. As of the 22 November 2016, 2/3rds of the precinct went live. This corresponds with the purple overlays on the Telkom map visual provided. The light pink parts are unfortunately not online yet, but are expected to be very soon, if not before the end of the month. This is due to Quality Assurance specifically at RA6. Openserve is working to resolve this as soon as possible and we’re awaiting feedback on this.

To verify that you are in an area that is live. Please use this link http://www.openserve.co.za/open/fibre/ and enter ‘Grand National Boulevard’. You then need to select your property to verify. If you are in the dark purple area, you can go ahead and order with an ISP of your choice.

Additional updates will be posted once feedback is received in connection with RA6.