Security Contracts

Security Contract for Royal Ascot

Please be advised that the RAMPOA Trustees went to tender with the Security Contract at Royal Ascot, this contract has been awarded to Sunset Beach Crime Watch.
Below is a detailed description of their services and contact details. Not only will they providing a service to RAMPOA but could also be of assistance to any of the Home Owners Associations or Bodies Corporate should they be interested in changing their Security / Armed Response service.
Sunset Beach Crime Watch could also provide a “drive through” service to those HOA and Bodies Corporate that do not have a security contract in place. This would entail them getting access to the premises by way of a remote supplied to them and on a regular basis access the premises and patrol the area. The onus would be on these HOA and Bodies Corporate to arrange this directly with Sunset Beach Crime Watch. Should you be interested in this option, please contact Lynn on 082 788 8290.
Any Emergency should be called in to the Control Room on 0860 500 005. Alternately, the dedicated telephone number directly to the patrol vehicle on site is 078 078 0747 and this number is in operation 24 hours per day and can be dialed by any resident of Royal Ascot when in need of assistance.

Patrol Vehicle No:
078 078 0747
0860 500 005
Admin No:
083 679 1165

Service and Service Levels
1 Patrol service
a) A suburb dedicated patrol service 24 hours, 7 days a week.
b) Actively seek out, deter and confront any potential criminal element and activity.
c) Confront suspicious activity and where appropriate and necessary, arrests will be made in conjunction with SAPS.
d) Actively identify factors that that may present risk to the suburb and implementing tactical measures to manage these.
2 Reaction and Phone-in Reaction
To report an incident, a resident should contact the CONTROL ROOM on 0860 500 005. Alternately, the Patrol vehicle has a cell phone that is dedicated to Royal Ascot. The number of the cell phone is 078 078 0747
On receipt of a call to the on board vehicle cell-phone:
a) The patroller will react immediately to investigate the situation; and
b) If required and possible, contain the situation; and
c) If required, call for back up by other Crime Watch vehicles and/ or the SAPS; and
d) If required, arrests will be made in conjunction with SAPS.
3 Rendezvous Service
An escorting service is available to residents to at any time to get safely into their homes and businesses.
4 Other
a) CRIME WATCH will act within a wider net in conjunction with Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge and Milnerton central for both preventative and reactive interventions.
b) Vehicles are radio linked and work closely with the SAPS Sector Policing vehicles.
c) The contact person for operational matters is Ricardo Carelse:
Cell no – 082 099 0970.
And for admin issues the contact person is Gill Ginsberg:
Cell No – 083 679 1165.