Approved RAMPOA 2013/14 Budget

Approved RAMPOA 2013/14 Budget

Approved Budget
Income R 2,419,982 R 2,613,000 R 2,822,040
Levy income R 2,419,982 R 2,613,000 R 2,822,040
Expenditure R 2,622,700 R 2,565,316 R 2,762,542
Administration R 70,400 R 76,032 R 82,115
Management fees, audit fees
& bank charges.
Operational expenses R 2,272,300 R 2,439,284 R 2,630,427
Environmental levy R 178,200 R 192,456 R 207,852
Landscaping maintenance R 1,181,400 R 1,275,912 R 1,377,985
Irrigation maintenance R 221,500 R 239,220 R 258,358
Security R 557,000 R 601,560 R 649,685
Professional fees R 80,000 R 75,600 R 81,648
Communications R 30,000 R 30,000 R 30,000
General maintenance, etc R 24,200 R 24,536 R 24,899
Infrastructure projects R 280,000 R 50,000 R 50,000
Speed bumps R 180,000
Palisade fence on GNB R 50,000
Security cameras R 50,000 R 50,000 R 50,000
+Surplus/-Deficit -R 202,718 +R 47,684 +R 59,498

The projected budgets for 2014/15 and 2015/16 are based on an 8% increase of income and expenditure items, excluding the infrastructure projects. This increase will most probably be different at the time of budgeting for those periods and both income and expenditure will then be adjusted accordingly. If the projected budget figures shows a substantial surplus, the levy could be reduced so that the budget more or less breaks even.
The infrastructure projects are reviewed every year and new projects may be proposed next year. This may affect the infrastructure priorities, and will affect the projected budget figures.


All owners in Royal Ascot pay a levy to RAMPOA. The monthly levy for 2013/14 is R99.36 per unit for residential properties and R1.64 per square meter for commercial properties. The chart below gives the percentage expenditure for the various items for the 2013/14 budget. Note that for the chart we have combined some of the above amounts so that the total percentage for a specific item is reflected here (eg for the landscaping the amounts for operational costs, irrigation and the portion of the professional fee for the landscaping consultant, have been combined). Note that the expenditure for our three core functions – landscaping, environmental levy and security (as set out in the RAMPOA constitution) – makes up 84% of the total expenditure. Infrastructure projects make up 11%, leaving only 5% for administration, communications (website & newsletter) and other expenses.