Our 3-Year Plan

Our first 3-year Budget was introduced in July 2012, and we are now beginning our preparations for the 2013/14 budget.
Again we require your inputs and suggestions for our next 3-year plan, mainly for capital projects that will improve our living experience in Royal Ascot. The current 3-year plan will be extended for a year, which means that approved capital projects will remain on the plan. But we need proposals and suggestions for new projects that can be added and initiated.
The current 3-year budget for Royal Ascot can be viewed on our Budget page (click here), for your information the capital projects in the plan are below:
Projects Budget
Speed bumps R 180 000
Palisade fence in Grand National Blvd R 150 000 R 150 000 R 150 000
Security cameras R 25 000 R 25 000
Repairs to post & rail fences R 24 000
We will now be adding a year and looking at proposed projects for 2013/2014, 2014/15 & 2015/16.
Good ideas and suggestions can only be effective if they can be implemented. This means that they must be in our budget. The 2013/14 expenditure budget will thus be an accurate reflection of our plan for the year, included will be estimated expenditure figures for 2014/15 and 2015/16 which will show the main items on which we plan to spend funds over longer periods. In other words, the budget will reflect the plan for the future of Royal Ascot; during each year’s budgeting process the plan will be extended by a further year.
Legal requirements
When making suggestions please keep in mind that there are limitations applicable to RAMPOA’s functioning. First of all we can only operate within the framework set by the provincial and municipal authorities when the Royal Ascot development was approved. This framework is embodied in the conditions of approval for Royal Ascot, and is reflected in our Constitution and in the Operational Environmental Management Plan. Our Constitution is established in terms of Section 29 of the Land Use Planning Ordinance, No 15 of 1985; the Environmental Management Plan is established in terms of Sections 21, 22 and 26 of the Environment Conservation Act, Act 73 of 1989.
» RAMPOA Constitution
» Environmental Management Plan
Budgetry requirements
A second limiting factor is the availability of funds. We would prefer not to increase levies more than the general inflation rate to accommodate proposed projects. To work within the budgetary constraints, projects can be spread over several years. But we need to prioritize projects so that we can execute them within the limits of our budget.
» RAMPOA 2012/13 budget
How can I contribute?
Email your suggestions to or fax them to 086 536 0319. Please provide your name, address and contact details as we may have to contact you for further information. Anonymous contributions will not be considered and will be discarded on receipt. The closing date for submissions is Friday, 15 March 2013.
Fax: 086 536 0319