Operational Environmental Management Plan for Royal Ascot (OEMP)

In February 2002 the Provincial Administration authorised the change of land use of Erf 25939, portion of Erf 935, Milnerton Race Course, from open space to to multi-purpose use in terms of Section 22 of the Environment Conservation Act (Act 73 of 1989). This was followed by the approval of the Blaauwberg Municipality for the rezoning and subdivision of the Erf 25939 for Commercial, Retail, Residential Use and Conservation Area in terms of the Land Use Planning Ordinance No 15 of 1985.

A condition of both of these approvals was that Environmental Management Plans be established for the development phase and for the operational phase of the Royal Ascot development. The Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP) applies to all owners and residents in Royal Ascot. In terms of the Record of Decision approving the Milnerton Racecourse development, it is legally binding on all owners and residents.
The original OEMP was completed in December 2002 by Ecosense Consulting Environmentalists/ Ecologists in association with Doug Jeffery Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd. It consists of three volumes applicable to three portions of the Milnerton Racecourse Development (see table below). Volume 1 deals with the management of the Residential and Commercial precincts, a second revised version of volume 1 was approved by the Environmental Management Committee and published in January 2012.
The January 2012 version of Volume 1 of the OEMP is available on the website and can be downloaded; the OEMP and the annexures are separate downloads.

Royal Ascot Operational Phase Environmental Management Plan
Volume 1: Residential & Commercial Precincts.




Contents of OEMP

The OEMP consisted of three separate volumes applicable to three portions of the Milnerton Racecourse Development; a summary of these volumes are set out in the table below, this also shows which sections have been updated. Sections marked * are currently available on this website (click here).

Volume 1: Residential & Commercial Precincts    (click here to go to Volume 1 page)
Environmental Management Plan  * Plan revised Jan 2012
EMC Constitution   * Constitution revised Jan 2007
RAMPOA Constitution  * Constitution revised Nov 2009
Record of Decision  * Original dated Feb & April 2000
Stormwater Management Plan  * Original dated Feb 2002
Water quality monitoring programme Programme no longer implemented
Products used for treating hydrocarbon spills Available in original OEMP document
Environmental Screening Questionnaire No longer required
Contact List Outdated, current info on website
Volume 2: Conservation Area
Environmental Management Plan and Annexures Replaced by Environmental Management System and EMP – see MRNR Policy
Annex G – Plant List

Annex H – Royal Ascot Tree Pruning Policy

Annex I – Other General Information

Volume 3: Track, Stables and Associated Facilities
Environmental Management Plan and Annexures Available in original OEMP document

The original OEMP document is presently only available in hard copy. If required, copies can be obtained from the City, direct your request to the EMC – email