RAMPOA was approached last year to investigate the possibility for Fibre optic roll out throughout our precinct. A truly amazing task force / sub committee jumped to it, and investigated all routes and options available. They even set up a needs and requirements survey site, which received an 11% feedback from all owners and tenants.

This culminated in various presentations to the RAMPOA Exco and Full Trustees meetings. Last monday (07/03/16), we received the great news that the upgrade will be launching in April, and we can expect fibre connectivity as soon as the end of July.

Ultimately TELKOM was the chosen best option, as they offered the most negligible impact on our precinct, with very little excavation required, and 90% of their conduit infrastructure already layed out. Once installed, the end user will have a choice of 28 service providers who’ll all offer different packages, depending on their bandwidth requirements. fibre icon


Well done Greg and Jurgen!