Last year, RAMPOA undertook investigations into the upgrades of our Public Open Spaces, to allow them to be better utilized by the community. With much still being planned and developed, we are proud to announce that the green lights have been given on the first two pieces of this project.

Firstly, a nine piece outdoor gym, to be positioned under the beautiful trees down at the open space just outside the entrance to Sandown Crescent. This will be something that we hope gets utilized well by all the active adults in our community. Outdoor gyms have proved to be an amazing Community Upliftment instrument in this country, and have been around for many years in Asia, America and Europe. Why should one have to pay large monthly Gym contracts to stay fit, when something can be offered on a Community level that is accessible to all? Royal Ascot was initially designed with large Public Open Spaces, and the parks have proved to be a very well used. This is something that we hope will encourage all the active adults in our community to get out there, and get fit.

Did you know that a full round trip starting at the first traffic Circle on Grand National Boulevard, going round Parade Ring Road, veering off at the third circle into the Northern reserve for a cross country circuit, then heading down to the bottom track around the dam down at the entrance to Arena North, then heading all the way back offers a 4.2km cardio  roundtrip?

What better way to complement this, than with the addition of a space to stretch and meditate? Yip, RAMPOA have also commissioned the building of a small deck on the centre Island down at the Northern park area, next to the entrance of Arena North, which we hope may encourage a yoga or Thai Chi class in future, and act as a stretching platform. It can even be that much needed quiet spot to take in the surrounding nature and watch the weaverbirds build their nests, or hang out with kids and friends for a while.

The best part, is that this should all be available to residents by the end of April 2016. We hope that you all utilize these amenities and start enjoying your surrounds more. Looking beyond this, the next step is to upgrade our kiddies spaces. We’ll keep you updated as we progress.outdoor gyms banner