Last nights RAMPOA AGM (15/11/16), held at the Milnerton Library Auditorium was well attended and sported the fruits of a well run precinct for 2016. The budget is looking healthy, with only a 5% increase on the year aheads levies. The gardens and surrounds are immaculate, apart from the slight strain taken due to the imposed water restrictions. RAMPOA are looking into the potential of using Effluent water in future, should this prove to be a viable option. For now, all gardens are being watered with 20 liter knapsacks carried by our Servest staff.

A further request was made for us to look into Recycling. This initiative has been thoroughly investigated over the past year, with the cheapest quote coming in from a company called WastePlan, who were prepared to institute a full precinct recycling roll out for R 15, 70 per unit. In essence, if RAMPOA accepted this, it would constitute a 20% increase on our levies, which we felt to be unacceptable to most. The other side was looking at the complications that arose between HOA’s and Sectional Title schemes. Further to this, most estates have small bin rooms and yards that would need to be modified to handle the new waste plan. So, it was back to the drawing board. It seems that there are 2 or 3 complexes that have started these initiatives on their own, and some have procured services without incurring costs. So, we will be starting a sub committee dedicated to getting us green within the next 12-24 months. If you feel that you’d like to be a part of this group, please drop us a line.

Another huge leap, thanks to the tireless work of our subcommittee, was the installation of Fibre into our area. The infrastructure is in, and we believe that there was a need for a bigger exchange, which should be in within the next week or 2, so to those holding thumbs for super fast internet, Christmas might come early.

After almost 3 years of asking and heckling with council, we finally managed to get a few more speedbumps down the Stableyard end of Grand National Boulevard, bringing our total to 11 in the precinct. There was still however a further call for a few in Parade Ring Road, where speeding still seems to be an issue. We will pursue the possibility of these in the year ahead.

Looking towards the new year, it seems that we will have a change up in our Exco, with some of the fantastic, dedicated, hard working members wishing to leave the flock and move on. We wish them well in future endeavours, and hope to find equally competent successors to fill the large shoes left behind.

This year has been a fantastic one for Royal Ascot, and we hope that we can continue to uphold this level of service and support to all our residents going forward. Please all continue to do your bit to save water. It’s summer, so take time to use the outdoor gym, go for walks, take the kids to the dam, or to the Northern Reserve and enjoy the surrounds!